Tongkat Ali 1:200 Pure Root Extract


Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack):

      Tongkat ali is one of the most widely used herbal medication in Southeast Asia, primarily because of its power to enhance libido and sexual function. Apart from yohimbe, tongkat ali is the only herbal medication that has been scientifically proven to work as an aphrodisiac. Everybody can easily check this fact at Medline, the huge database of scientific medical article. The abstracts of these articles are accessible for free.

     On the Infotrieve site, click the Medline link in the left sidebar. If you want to check the scientific abstracts, type “eurycoma” and “longifolia” into the data fields, and see the results. There are a good number of articles, published in Western pharmacological journals, which attest to the sexuality-enhancing properties of tongkat ali [pasak bumi, eurycoma longifolia jack]. In the left column, we have integrated links to some of the scientific abstracts from Medline.

     Tongkat ali (pasak bumi) is widely used in Southeast Asia not just to enhance sex drive and the power to perform sexually, but for a wide range of ailments. It has scientifically been proven to help in the prevention and treatment of malaria, and it is used as a therapy for fatigue, migraine, and arthritis, though such applications have so far not been scientifically validated.

     In its wide range of uses, tongkat ali is similar to ginseng. However, tongkat ali’s power to enhance testosterone levels is far greater than that of ginseng. If you look through the Medline scientific abstracts quoted in the left side bar, you will see that it has been possible to raise testosterone levels to more than 400 percent of base levels. No way could such a result be achieved with ginseng.

     The dosages used of tongkat ali depend on the results one wants to achieve. In the treatment of fatigue and other common health problems. 300mg of 1:200 tongkat ali extract per day

     To increase libido and sexual function, the dosage could be increased to double

     Bodybuilders whose concern is to achieve persistent high testosterone levels, use still higher dosages (900mg of 1:200 tongkat ali extract per day, or the equivalent of 200 gram of chipped root).

Tongkat Ali’s likely hormonal pathway

By Serge Kreutz
     Tongkat ali increases testosterone tone, but is not a testosterone agonist. Anabolic steroids are testosterone agonists. They cause a negative feedback reaction of the pituitary and hypothalamus (the two glands secrete a series of hormones that signal Leydig and other testosterone synthesizing cells to stop testosterone production). The result is a definite shrinkage of the male genitals, especially the testes. The medical term for the condition is “tesicular atrophy”.

     Tongkat ali is the opposite of a testosterone agonist. But no, it’s not a testosterone antagonist. Tongkat ali stimulates testosterone production by interfering with the testosterone negative feedback loop. Even when tongkat ali raises testosterone levels, the upstream pituitary and hypothalamus do not respond by signaling that testosterone synthesis should be tuned down.