IRONMAXX 100% WHEY PROTEIN — 900 g powder


Milestone in the protein sector: First 100% water-based whey protein developed!

Whey protein is appreciated not only in bodybuilding as an excellent source of protein, but also for endurance athletes, martial arts practitioners and amateur athletes as a post-workout shake. Especially when the protein is most needed, a preparation with water is recommended. The product development department of IronMaxx® has been particularly successful in this regard and especially in overcoming the hurdle that to date all protein powders have been designed to be mixed with milk. When conventional protein shakes are prepared with water, taste and consistency often suffer. The specifications for the development department of IronMaxx® were therefore quite clear: “The new protein powder also has to taste great with water,” said Patrick Kruczkowski, CEO of IronMaxx® shortly before development began. The 100% Whey Protein does this more than justice, because it not only tastes wonderful, but has also been specifically designed for preparation with water.

The advantages of protein drinks mixed with water are varied and of great importance, especially for bodybuilders and body conscious people who do not want to leave anything to chance. By mixing protein powder with water, less calories and fats (which are otherwise contained in milk) are added. So you take only the amount of nutrients that are contained in 100% Whey Protein in the best composition.

In 30 unique flavors!

In 30 delicious, unique flavors, the new 100% whey protein from IronMaxx® can be ordered: Cookies & cream, cherry yogurt, lemon yogurt, melon, orange and passion fruit and many more. The “classic” flavors – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are also available. IronMaxx® followed its passion for developing the most effective sports nutrition products for body builders and athletes without compromising on taste.

Whey protein for optimal protein supply!

The average protein recommendation for athletes is approximately 2 g per kilogram of body weight to build muscle. Advanced exercisers and competitive athletes often use 3 to 4 g of protein per kilogram of body weight and thereby achieve excellent results.

100% Whey Protein by IronMaxx®, with elevated protein content (up to 80% per 100 g of powder) helps to meet your daily protein requirements and thus to promote the increase and preservation of muscle mass in particular. In addition, 100% Whey protein is characterized by a great amino acid profile (BCAA, Glutmain and more) and high biological value. The higher the biological value, the faster food protein can be converted into endogenous protein. To support a healthy normal muscle function, 100% Whey Protein also contains training-essential minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. Therefore Whey Protein IronMaxx® is considered to be your ideal source of protein after a workout or as a perfect snack.

The protein content

– contributes to an increase in muscle mass
– contributes to maintaining the muscle mass

The calcium content contributes to

– normal energy metabolism
– normal functioning of digestive enzymes

The potassium content helps

– normal muscle function
– maintenance of normal blood pressure

The magnesium content

– reduction of tiredness and fatigue- normal energy metabolism- normal muscle function

– normal protein synthesis

Take as needed up to 4 servings daily. Basically, the increased protein needs of a person depends on the age, gender, and training status. Recommended consumption is before exercise or competition, directly after training and before sleep.


Mix 250 ml of water with about 3 XXL dosing spoons (50 g) of 100% whey protein.

100 g of powder contains (strawberry):

Calorific value 395 kcal / 1677 kJFat 6,2 gof which saturated fatty acids 2,4 gCarbohydrates 6,3 gof which sugar 5,5 gProtein 77,3 g

Salt 0,5 g

Amino acids per 100 g protein:

Isoleucine 5500 mgLeucine 11.000 mgLysine 9100 mgValine 5300 mgPhenylalanine 3200 mgThreonine 5400 mgMethionine 1900 mgTryptophane 1800 mgHistidine 1900 mgCysteine 1900 mgGlutamine 16.400 mgAspartic acid 10.300 mgArginine 3000 mgProline 7500 mgSerine 5500 mgAlanine 4300 mgGlycine 1700 mg

Tyrosine 4300 mg

Minerals per 100 g powder

Potassium 522,1 mg (26,1 %)*Calcium 506,5 mg (63,3 %)*Magnesium 57,7 mg (15,4 %)*Iodine0,02 mgIron 0,99 mgZinc 0,30 mgCopper 0,09 mg

Manganese 0,05 mg

Ingredients (strawberry): Whey protein concentrate, beetroot juice powder, emulsifier soy lecithin, flavoring, sweeteners: Acsulfam K, sodium cyclamate, Saccarin sodium and sucralose. May contain traces of egg, lupine and wheat.