HAYA LABS URSOLIC ACID — 100 capsules x 250 mg


HAYA LABS Ursolic Acid is an innovative formula containing ursolic acid, a natural compound with potent active properties, which prevents muscle tissue breakdown, strengthen bones and stimulates the burning of fat in a natural and safe way.  


  Supports building of lean muscle mass Stops catabolic processes Promotes fat loss Stimulates the immune system Supports the cardiovascular system Strengthens bones and joints Natural ingredient  

Ursolic acid is a natural substance that naturally occurs in the skin of apples. It has many beneficial effects on human health, and people do not accidentally say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away for a long time. This component is ideal for athletes and people undergoing intensive physical activity, because it has proven property of preventing muscle tissue breakdown and maintaining normal muscle growth.


Studies have shown that Ursolic acid effectively reduces the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and lowers blood sugar. It decreases the activity of lipase and thus prevents the absorption of fats. Furthermore, Ursolic acid is involved in energy production and regulates energy expenditure. All this makes HAYA LABS Ursolic Acid appropriate product for those who seek both to increase muscle mass and to burn fats.


Ursolic acid increases levels of nitric oxide, supports the cardiovascular system, stimulates the synthesis of glycogen in the liver and strengthens the health of bones and joints.


Serving size = 1 capsules


Directions for use: Take 2-3 serving daily, during your meals.


Servings per container: 100


Ingredients: Ursolic Acid.