4Sport Life Pro 40 Shaker – Pink


Shaker Pro 40 – Next generation of protein shaker !

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     The Pro Shaker 40 allows you to enjoy a freshly prepared shake without loss of taste or powder. The powder and liquid are stored separately and are mixed together at the exact moment desired. 

  • the 4SportLife Shaker consists in 5 parts
  • suitable for dish washer
  • Powder and liquid can be transported separately
  • with a rotation of the lid, the powder is mixed with the liquid.
  • unique  shaker

     The 4SportLife Shaker Pro 40 is a total for the following five components: 

  • Cap – Black hinged flap for closing the drinking opening.
  • Mouthpiece – Oranges mouthpiece with ribs for easy turning
  • Central Adapter Ring – Black adapter ring as a link between the reservoir and the shaker cup
  • Shaker Cup – Black smoke Shaker Cups
  • Instructions – Detailed, illustrated instructions in different languages
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Volume of the reservoir: 40g to 50g (depending on the powder)
  • Height: ca. 21cm
  • Width: ca. 9cm
  • Scaling in 50ml increments on the cup

     The shaker can be washed well and is Dishwasher safe.